You Will Be Surprised To Know These 11 Benefits Of Eating Boiled Vegetables

Apart from being to help in promoting weight loss, eating boiled food, especially vegetables, also has more beneficial attributes.

Here are some of the most prominent:

1. Makes food safer

Source: Sri Lankan Kitchen

Boiling is known to kill most harmful microorganisms. When applied to food, this makes the food you eat, safer. This is the main reason why some people boil their food first before cooking their food thoroughly. It means that when you eat boiled food, you can be sure that it is less likely to have microorganisms when compared to eating them raw.

2. Increases the number of antioxidants

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Antioxidants are essential in helping to keep the body healthy. These substances are responsible for protecting the body against free radicals. These free radicals are harmful molecules that can cause a chain of chemical reactions to occur in the body. These chain reactions could be the cause of events in the body, from aging the cells prematurely, to aid in the propagation of cancer cells.

3. Helps prevent acidity

Source: 12 Tomatoes

Because boiled foods are softer to eat, they are much easier to digest than those that are fried. Hence, they require less time to be digested and less stomach acid to dissolve them. This, therefore, significantly lessens your chances of suffering from high stomach acidity.

4. Helps prevent the development of kidney stones

Source: CureJoy

Boiling the food that you eat can remove about 87% of the oxalates that the food contains. These oxalates are compounds that are responsible for the formation of unwanted kidney stones. With a majority of these oxalates removed, you are actually taking in fewer oxalates which help in the prevention and treatment of kidney stones.

5. Keeps skin healthy

Source: Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials

As boiling food retains a higher amount of nutrients than other ways of cooking, it means that your body can absorb more nutrients. These nutrients help in maintaining the functions of the body. When your body is healthy on the inside, it reflects on the outside. You can see proof of this through a healthy and glowing skin.

6. Helps in promoting hair growth

Source: StyleCraze

Some beauty regimes for hair growth include boiling vegetables such as carrots and making a paste out of it. Carrots are known to be good stimulators of hair follicles because of their high vitamin content. When mashed and turned to paste, you can use carrots as a fertilizer for your hair. Simply massage it into your scalp and watch the hair grow.

7. Can be used as a baby weaning food

Source: Kidspot

Most mothers choose to buy ready-made formula food when it comes to weaning babies. However, boiled vegetables are excellent alternatives. They are not only nutritious and cheaper, but they are also great for filling up baby’s hungry tummy. They are also easy to absorb and digest, as well as have high water content.

8. Helps alleviate the stomach inflammation


There are a lot of reasons why people get stomach inflammation. One of the most prominent causes is the bacteria Helicobacter pylori which can cause stomach ulcers. Aside from making sure that the food is safe, boiling food before eating also softens it up. When food is softer, it reduces pressure on the linings of the stomach. The softer food also contains a simpler form of important nutrients as they are already broken down during boiling.

9. Saves time when cooking


When you boil food, you are essentially just placing food in boiling water. It takes less time because you do not have to keep as much rapt attention as when you are frying. Boiling also allows you to cook food simultaneously because you can easily leave a boiling pot on the side compared to a cooking frying pan.

10. Variety of possible dishes


When you boil vegetables, you can make a lot of dishes out of it. For example, after boiling potatoes, you can mash the cooked potatoes or make hash browns out of them. You can turn it into a weaning food for baby with milk mixed in it. You can also make a delicious Indian “samosa” out of it. You won’t always have variety with some of the other methods of cooking.

11. Easy to prepare

Source: Craftsy

Boiling food is easier and faster to prepare than frying. It is also significantly healthier than buying fast food. The next time you feel hungry, boil some vegetables instead of spending some cash ordering junk food as they cost money and could be bad for your health.

When food is well-prepared when boiled, it allows you to get the most out of the food. This, in turn, allows you to enjoy the many benefits of boiled food. And if you are concerned about your weight and wish to shed some unneeded pounds then eating boiled food is a great option. Just make sure to keep it balanced because as beneficial as eating boiled food is, it doesn’t hold a candle to eating a balanced diet.


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