6 Food Items Invented by Mistake!

You must have heard of accidental deaths, accidental love, accidental child but have you ever heard of accidental food items? If you haven’t, you should. You will be stunned to find out that a number of our favorite food items came into existence as result of some accident.

Let’s find out more about them!

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies:



Invented by: Ruth Wakefield

Invented In: 1930

The Accident:

In Whitman, Mass, at the Toll House Inn, Ruth was making preparing the chocolate cookies when she suddenly realized that she is out of baking chocolate. She broke a semi-sweet chocolate bar into tiny prices and added them to the mixture hoping that they will melt and have the same effect as that of baking chocolate’s. When she baked the cookies, the chocolate did not melt, leaving the cookies with little chips of chocolate. The gained popularity and Ruth started selling the chocolate chip cookies.

2. Potato Chips:




Invented by: George Crum

Invented In: 1853

The Accident:

One day a customer at Moon Lake Lodge in Saratoga Springs, New York, declined to eat French fries he ordered because they were too thick for him. George Crum, the chef fried a thinner batch of French fries, but even that did not satisfy the dinner. He asked for a thinner batch. Crum decided to make dinner learn a lesson. He took a potato, sliced it as finely as possible and fried it. They became so hard that it was impossible to cut them with a fork. The customer had them anyhow and loved it. Shortly, other dinners also started asking for them.

3. Popsicles:



Invented by: Frank Epperson

Invented In: 1905

The Accident:

One day, in winters, Frank Epperson (An 11 year old kid) was trying to make a soda pop by dissolving soda powder in water. He left the bucket with the mixture outside, by mistake. Because of the cold air, the mixture froze solid, with the stirring stick (wooden) standing straight up. But it tasted great, so he started selling them for 5 cents each. He initially named them Epperson Icicles, but the name was later changed to popsicles.

4. Sandwiches:


Invented by: Earl of Sandwich

Invented In: 1700s

The Accident:

The Earl of Sandwich was very fond of gambling. He did not want to eat something which could stop him from gambling even for a few minutes. So, he asked for some food to be stuffed between the slices of bread, which he could eat while gambling. Ever since, the sandwich gained mass popularity.

5. Ice Cream Cones:


Invented by: Ernest Hamwi

Invented In: 1904

The Accident:

At the St. Louis World’s Fair, Ernest Hamwi was selling Syrian pastry when an ice cream seller standing nearby ran out of dishes. To facilitate him, Hamwi rolled some pastry into a cone to carry the ice cream inside it. Since then, the ice cream became a huge success. However, Italo Marchiony (an Italian immigrant) claims that more than he invented the ice cream cone.

6. COKE:


Invented by: John Pemberton

Invented In: 1886

The Accident:

The founder was a morphine addict. He wanted to produce a substitute to fend off his addiction. He did some experimentation in his personal pharmacy and come up with a tonic (the original formula of Coca-Cola). The tonic contained a small quantity of cocaine as well as rich in caffeine, kola nut. An investor purchased the formula and because of aggressive marketing campaigns, Coca-Cola became one of the most popular soft drinks of America by the late 1890s.


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