If You’re Not A Fan Of Drugs, This Is The Kind Of Food You Should Be Eating To Get High!

When I am eating, I am deaf and dumb… Yes, it is Me or Maybe You. But why are some of us always Hungry, Craving or Ready to drool over glorious food? Why can’t some of us take our eyes off from warm melting chocolate pudding, gooey cheesy pizza or crunchy crispy finger fries… If that sounds like you…Don’t beat your head against the wall, you are JUST “Addicted” to food. Like ME!

Addiction is a persistent state of the brain that creates powerful influences and causes a person to have craving for a substance (Like Tobacco, Marijuana, Heroin…) or involves an activity (Like Food, Shopping, Exercise…)  that’s pleasurable at first but its prolonged engagement creates an adverse consequence at different levels.

A few days back, Ohio public health officials caught Tulsi, Pakistans famous Pan Masala brand, and called it as a new drug in the market that causes off-balancing among their students. This news actually hit me like a bang, because many people in my surrounding actually consume it unconsciously in an excessive amount since their childhood, as a mouth refresher. Not to forget their catchy tagline “Hum jise lajawab kehte hain

It’s unfortunate that some of our unconscious excessive eating habits lead us to “Food Addictions” which is highly important to understand but easily ignored due to our imbalanced eating habits.

According to a study, a Food addict faces the same level of depression and hyperactivity disorder just like a drug addict. So all foodies out there check out these 3 most common foods that can actually hit you like a drug without using any type of drug or booze.

1. Chocolate:

Source: Tumblr

Are you a ravenous chocolate eater? Munch on chocolate all the time? Want to know why here is your answer

Chocolate is considered as one of the most addictive food items. As it contains stimulative chemical like theobromine, phenylethylamine, which create euphoric stress reduction and release dopamine. Chocolate that contains a high amount of sugar can actually release an excessive amount of dopamine that controls your mind, increases your consumption habit and creates the same effect in your mind like a drug would. Chocolate Snorting is one of the examples that proves chocolate can get you high.

Solution: Use Dark Chocolate instead of milk chocolate, as it is loaded with powerful amounts of antioxidants which is great for your skin, body and immune system.

2. Pizza:

Source: Tumblr

Pizza Addiction… sounds “weird” but not for those who can eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but still crave for more…

Pizza is considered as the second most addictive food. First due to its high amount of fat and carbohydrate that release the excessive amount of dopamine which hijacks the working process of our mind, secondly the cheesy topping over it comes from a protein called casein, after degustation it releases casomorphins which create same like effect on our body like it does on a drug abuse who uses opium or morphineIn an international market you can actually find boozed-infused pizza as well

Solution: One of the best options is to try less processed pizza with fresh ingredients having less cheese. As more processed pizza is worse for health.

3. French Fries:

Source: Tumblr

Day Dreaming about French fries?? Mark all the best French fries spots?? Want fries more, more, and more??? 

According to a study, French fries rank as the third most common addictive food in the world. Fries like the above food category trigger high amount of dopamine which cause reactions in the brain, same like a drug abuser will have while using methamphetamine and marijuana.

Salt craving is the second most important reason for people craze for Fries. The craving of eating Salt trigger natural opioids system (responsible for pleasure and reward system in the brain) in the central amygdala region and causing the same brain connections that trigger after smoking cigarettes or taking hard drugs.

Solution: Bake. Bake… Bake… Bake it instead of frying them

So all foodaholics out there, eat but limit the food you are taking, otherwise, food can get you high without needing any drugs or booze.


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