Author: Saif Ali

10 Signs That You Are Totally Addicted To Chai

Chai is by far the most loved and consumed beverage in Pakistan and as a matter of fact, entire East Asia. Pakistanis are proud of their delicious DHOODH-PATTI. If you…

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You Won’t Believe What Restaurants In Islamabad Serve You!!

Major crackdowns on substandard eateries in Lahore are still taking place under the authority of the PFA(Punjab Food Authority) and most recently the Deputy Commissioner's office has also taken great strides…

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13 Of The Most Mouth Watering Desi Dishes You Will Find In Karachi!

1. Halari Kay Dall Chawal Source: Located at Tariq Road, this is the yummiest food you could possibly eat for such a low price. Best of all you get some mouth-watering…

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