What Your Summer Drink Choice Says About You

It’s hot. Bet you didn’t know that apart from hydrating you, your summer drink choice also serves another very important purpose; it’s a peek into your soul! You can tell a lot about a person by their drink choice. So read ahead to find out what your drink choice reveals about you.

1. Sweet Lassi

Source: HungryForever

You’re kind of shy and have a heart of gold. You are empathetic to the point of weakness. Your friends depend on you to listen to them vent and cry and scream, and you are always able to make them feel better. Your motto is, “be kind.”

2. Fresh Fruit Juice


You are successful, go-getter type. You are flexible and thrive on change. Your ability to adapt to any situation means that you’re wildly successful at work and at home. Your motto is “expect the best, prepare for the worst.”

3. Salty Lassi

Source: Honest Cooking

You are the hardworking type. There’s no room for fun. You’ve got too many responsibilities. Your motto is, “do what is right, not what is easy.”

4. Limo Pani

Source: IndiaMART

You’re bubbly and energetic and sunny. Your positivity and blind optimism mean that people tend to think you’re airheaded but that’s not true. You’ve got a good head on your shoulders but it’s too full of daydreams and sunshine to be utilized for thinking much. Your motto is “when you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.”

5. Mango Milkshake

Source: YouTube

You are the hedonistic type. You want the best life has to offer; the best foods, the best clothes. You want to live life to the fullest, and for you, that means experiencing all the pleasures possible. “Live in the moment,” is your motto.

6. Iced Tea

Source: Elana’s Pantry

You’re the sophisticated type, with a hidden side of fun. You know how to balance work and fun. Your motto is ‘work hard, play hard.’ You also have good taste in sunglasses.

7. Chocolate Milkshake

Source: Girl In The Little Red Kitchen

You’re the fun, immature type. Your life motto is, ‘easy come, easy go.’ You don’t worry about anything much. Your laid back and fun loving personality means that you’re quite the popular person and your friends love hanging out with you.

So next time you’re out for drinks, keep this list in mind to gain an insight into the personalities of those around you!


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