Top 8 Dining Taboos From All Over The World

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well”

Dining is known as more formal meals of the day, which people use to take while being away from home, in hotels or restaurants. Dining is a very fine way to eat as it requires etiquettes but in some countries, it is a serious matter that involves special rules, limitations to meet their dining standards. Why is it important to know..?

Because, When in the Rome, do as the Romans do”

Here are some taboos related to dining all around the world which strictly followed by those who are traveling their country.

1. China – Don’t Break The Noodles!

Source: Business Insider

China has a very peculiar approach towards dining etiquettes; Chinese tradition believes long noodle is equal to long life…so you’re not allowed to break that noodle otherwise you making a long life short. While eating at a table you cannot flip the cooking fish or cannot point your chopsticks to another person is a big bad omen means you inviting the bad luck.

2. Japan – Never Place Chopsticks Vertically In The Bowl:


In Japan, chopsticks are not used for eating they are used effectively in funerals…


In homes, families’ chopsticks sticks vertically on a bowl of rice as offering to the dead, is a sign of sacrifice the dead. So, this gives a lesson not to place the chopsticks vertically that’s mean indirectly you’re cursing the restaurant owner.

3. United-Kingdom – Always Spoon Out The Soup From The Opposite Side Of The Bowl:

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In Britain, even today, people are judged by their table manners, especially when eating out or attending formal functions. They have several rules regulations of eating a meal like soup should be spooned away from the opposite side of the bowl and also tilt a bowl of soup away from you. Do not take another bite without finishing the previous one in the mouth.

4. Korea – Respect Your Elders:

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In Korea politeness and respect for older or elder person plays a very important role towards dining etiquettes. In Korea, people say Jalmukesumneda (I will eat well).When you are sharing a table in Korea so you should have to wait for the oldest person to lift their spoon or chopsticks first. Don’t worry it won’t take too long….

5. United-States – Don’t Belch Or Buro On The Dining Table:

Source: ScoopWhoop

In the United States, dining etiquettes is a real serious business, which strictly followed by people. If you are sharing a table in the US you have to be careful in order to follow the rules…like during dining: people consider it rude to a guest or dining partner to belch or burp…eat with an open mouth, smack, or lick your fingers. Americans typically use forks, spoons, and knives to eat, but there are some types of foods that are acceptable to eat with one’s fingers, like sandwiches or pizza. It is unacceptable for men to ever hit, push, or otherwise physically harm their spouses or partners.

6. Italy – Extra Cheese? No!

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Italy is well-known about its pizza and cheesy toppings but while you are dining in Italy you can’t ask for extra cheese unless they offer to you, by doing so is considered that person challenging the chef’s cooking ability. Weird though…

7. Tanzania – If You Come Early For The Dinner, You’ll Be Consider As A Rude:

Source: Metro

When your friend or family invites you to dinner you make sure to reach there early, but pardon me this thing considered rude in Tanzania to arrive at dinner early as their guests mostly come 15-20 minutes late. They are allowed to eat with right hands putting left hand a bowl which is considered rash…make sure not to do that

8. Russia – :

Russia is very mythical about its dining etiquettes. Strangely, Russian believes that the one who chooses a seat at the corner of a table is destined to never get married. For certain, they will never find their lover. This is mostly directed towards younger women, and some traditions say you won’t get married for 7 years.

Russian also believes that one should never whistle while indoors….You hear that right, for them, it is a bad luck as by doing so that person invites financial ruin and poverty.


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