This Summer, Visit These 6 Places in Lahore to Have Cold Coffee and Chillers!

Summer season is here and dear God, only He can save us from the burning sun and soaking hot weather. One thing that keeps us all going is to grab something chilly to ease our days. No matter how much water you drink daily, you’d really want to have something refreshing every now and then to beat the heat.

So Here are a Few Places in Lahore You Can Grab Something Chilly to In this Smoking Hot Weather:

1. The Juices Island

From smoothies to chillers and from fresh drinks to cold coffees, the Juices Island located in different locations, such as Fortress Mall and Emporium Mall, you can have the best drinks in town!

2. Cinnabon

The international chain, when introduced in Lahore, became a major hit, especially with their cinnamon rolls. With the passage of time, they expanded and introduced chillatas in different flavors, such as natural drinks as well as the processed chillers.

3. Gloria Jeans

Operating all over the country, Gloria Jeans offers one of the best cold coffee and chillers, given how their menu is filled with numerous options to purchase from.

4. Second Cup

Another international chain which when introduced in Pakistan spread like wildfire because of the amazing drinks they offer. From their coffee to the seasonal chillers, Second Cup offers one of the best refreshers in town.

5. Smoothie Factory

The thing with exclusive outlets that offer just the drinks is that they specialize well in their offerings. Smoothie Factory has a wide range of drinks, and their fat-free drinks are the best to grab.

6. Arcadian Cafe

One of the favorites of Lahoris, when you are out with your friends to have delicious food, the Arcadian Cafe is the place that gives an excellent variety of shakes and coffee.

So this Summer, which places would you be going to grab a drink? Share with us in the comment section.


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