A Man Coming to Karachi After 9 Years Asked Shaniera Akram for Food Suggestions and her Reply Won the Locals!

Shaniera Akram, a foreign woman who embraced the culture and the country Pakistan like she always lived here. Being the wife of Wasim Akram, Shaniera resides in Karachi while staying in Pakistan.

People often share how it is difficult for a foreigner to embrace a different culture, especially the South Asian culture, given how the norms and practices are confined and stricter. In the case of Shaniera Akram, she definitely made it look so simple.

Taking Pakistan As her Own, She is Profoundly Involved in Social Work Around the Country

Just Look at her Love for the Country!

Addressing Such Important Issues Shows her Devotion

Given how the culture of Pakistan insinuates women to wear a dupatta on their heads (which is a choice for many), whenever Shaniera is addressing a matter in the public, she has her head covered.

All of that Aside, a Man Asked Shaniera Akram the Food Places to Visit When in Karachi

This man tweeted to Shaniera Akram he will be visiting Karachi after 9 years. He asked for Shaniera’s recommendations in particular.

And Shaniera’s Reply Just Proves How She Knows Karachi Too Well

Given how Karachi has amazing food, her answer was super fitting. But even in her reply, she stated how Pakistan overall serves great food.

Definitely, have to ask Shaniera how she feels about her biryani…with aloo or without aloo…because these questions matter to us.

It is lovely to see how this woman embraces Pakistan so well and always makes us feel how she is definitely not an outsider. Love her devotion towards Pakistan.

More power to you, Shaniera Akram!


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