7 Reasons Why You Should Have Coffee Everyday!

There are people who can’t function without drinking boatloads of coffee. Here’s why that’s a smart decision;

1. It helps fight many diseases

Coffee reduces the risk of many diseases the likes of diabetes, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.


2. It helps improve your cognition;

Coffee impacts your cognitive abilities and memory a positively. The caffeine gives the brain a good boost.


3. It improves your athletic abilities;

The caffeine helps your muscles absorb fat for energy, allowing you a better athletic performance.

coffee athletes

4. It also reduces muscle pain;

The caffeine helps in relaxing sore muscles and is shown to reduce muscle pain by nearly half.


5. It increases your metabolism

Caffeine helps your body burn unhealthy fat and therefore, lose weight.


6. It fights against depression

Coffee stimulates the production of dopamine in your body; a neurotransmitter that makes you feel happy.


7. It cleanses your body

Coffee improves the process of ridding your body of viruses and bacteria, thereby making you less prone to fall ill.


And because it tastes great with a doughnut.


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