7 Kitchen Hacks Every Girl Should Know Before Going To Her Susraal

Are you getting married soon? Are you feeling afraid of your mother-in-law because she is a perfectionist when it comes to cooking? It is true that eating is a necessity but cooking is an art and learning an art is not an easy job. How about learning a few tricks to deal with problems in the kitchen that will go a long way in showing that you are a perfect bahu? Here, we have listed a few kitchen hacks that may help you in becoming efficient and creative.

1. Cook Rice Like A Pro

Source: Blog iTecture

Soak the rice for 20-30 minutes after washing it for a few times. Drain the rice, add water to commence cooking. Use 2 cups of water for 1 cup rice. Make sure to use the same cup. Also, use the pot with a heavy bottom. Boil the rice until it gets softened, drain and allow to rest for 5 minutes. Never stir the hot rice as it can reak and become mushy.

2. How To Get Rid Of Smell Of Onion And Garlic From Hands?

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Rub some mint leaves after cutting garlic and onion with your hands until it gets crushed. Wash your hands with the water later. Or, you can simply rub a slice of lemon on your hands.

3. If The Curry Gets Too Salty

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If the curry gets salty, just put peeled potato slices or a ball of flour dough and let them rest for 20 minutes. They will soak the excess salt from the curry. Don’t forget to remove the potato or dough balls before serving!

4. Food Gets Too Spicy? Fix It With Milk

The curry got too spicy? Don’t worry if you have some dairy product in the refrigerator. Add milk, yogurt, cheese or coconut milk to fix the spice.

5. Clean A Burnt Pot With Lime!

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Take baking soda, lemon, and vinegar or water to clean the burned pot. Leave the mixture in the pot for the night and wash it the next morning. It will be as shiny as silk!

6. Save Time By Adding Boiled Water

Source: Steffi’s Recipes

Most of us are unknown to the fact that if the curry gets thicken, adding simple tap water will make it tasteless. Always use boiled water if necessary, it will save the time and taste both.

7. Boiling Milk Will No More Be A Mess!

Source: Milk and More

Boiling milk is the toughest job I would say! You never know when it will pour out and spoil your stove! To prevent boiling out milk, keep a wooden spatula over the vessel of the pan.

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