6 Desserts You Find In Pakistan

We take great pride in being known for our cuisine. So it goes without saying that we’ve developed desserts of our own that we’re insane about, and we hope the rest of the world is too:

1. Gajar Ka Halwa


Also known as carrot pudding, gajar ka halwa is a delicious dessert comprising carrot, milk, sugar, and khoya. The dessert is especially eaten in winters as it is best served hot.

2. Doodh Dulari


An emerging favorite, Doodh Dulari is made up of fruit cocktail, vermicelli, jelly, and cream, along with some of the much-liked sweetmeats such as Ras Gulab.

3. Kheer


Probably the most favorite of the lot, Kheer is made by boiling rice and milk, together with vermicelli and almonds.

4. Ras Malai


Comprising flat balls made up of ‘channa’, and soaked in sweetened cream, Ras Malai is a subcontinent favorite!

5. Gur Papri


A traditional mithai made up of gur and wheat flour, gur papri is the quintessential Pakistani household favorite!

6. Sohan Halwa


Made up of cornflour, sugar, and ghee, the Sohan Halwa is another subcontinent favorite, believed to be Persian in origin.

These are the reasons we love being a Pakistani!


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