4 Incredible Facts About Garlic You Should Know

Allium Sativum, commonly known as Garlic, is a species in the onion genus. Garlic is used for many conditions related to the heart and blood system, it may be effective in slowing the development of atherosclerosis and seems to be able to modestly reduce blood pressure. Can you imagine your favorite pizza of Pizzilla without spices or just garlic? Pizzilla uses garlic toping for their pizza and makes it spicier for you. Here I am going to show some of the health benefits of eating garlic.

1. Controlling Diseases


It is found that enough amount of allicin powder that is obtained from garlic helps to reduce the incidence of the common cold by over 55%.

2. Immune Booster


It is packed with vitamins and nutrients. Some of these are proteins, potassium, vitamins A, vitamin B and B2, vitamins C, calcium, and zinc. It helps in improving the metabolism of iron i.e. when an iron is stored up in our cells, one of the key passageways for it to be moved out of the cell and returned into circulation involves a protein called Ferro-proteins.

3. Vitamins and Nutrition


It protects the heart and is also known to thin the blood. The amount of garlic you need to get the heart-healthy benefits is about to clove a day.

4. Natural Antibiotic


It is naturally antibiotic. The active component in garlic is allicin. Allicin is quite powerful and as an antibiotic, it is said that 1 milligram of allicin has a potency of 15 standard units of penicillin.


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